McConnell on Immigration: ‘We Need to Move On’

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell went on a mini rant about immigration, claiming that we need to move on from it already! He feels like it is taking time away from other important issues and that they don’t need to focus on it anymore.

“We have other things to do,” he said on Tuesday, “This is an issue we’ve been talking about literally for years.”

McConnell continued, “We spent three months talking to the Democrats about this.”

The Hill reports: 

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McConnell argued that senators are well-versed in the issue after passing comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 and negotiating behind closed doors in recent months

McConnell pushed back on a suggestion from one reporter that he is tilting the playing field by voicing support for a GOP plan that codifies President Trump’s four-point immigration proposal.

McConnell is expected to file cloture on Tuesday afternoon on several immigration proposals, setting up votes on Thursday unless there is unanimous consent to act sooner.

“I’m not trying to dictate to [Democrats],” he added, “We need to get to started on the debate.”

The solution is simple if you ask me. We need to build the wall, deport those who are here illegally, and reform our immigration system. It is far too hard, and a drawn out process to become a citizen of the United States.

Yes, people need to be vetted and thoroughly. However, it also should not be such a hard process. I know people who waited YEARS to finally become a citizen. Why?

Those are the types of things we should be discussing.

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