McConnell Expresses Frustration with Trump’s ‘Excessive Expectations’

According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, President Donald Trump has high expectations that he expects to be done in a quick manner.

He went after Trump’s “excessive expectations” of legal processes on Monday, expressing his frustration.

The Hill reports :

During a speech to the Florence Rotary Club in Kentucky, McConnell said many of Trump’s “artificial deadlines” are “unrelated to reality,” indicating the president may not fully grasp the ins and outs of lawmaking.

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McConnell said, “Now our new president has of course not been in this line of work before. And I think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. And so, part of the reason I think people feel like we’re underperforming is because too many artificial deadlines unrelated to the reality and the complexity of legislature may not have been fully understood.”

McConnell’s speech comes less than two weeks after the Senate failed by one vote to move forward on plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Trump took to Twitter to criticize McConnell, calling for changes to the legislative filibuster, which the majority leader has rejected in the past.

Trump exclaimed on July 29, “The very outdated filibuster rule must go. Budget reconciliation is killing R’s in Senate. Mitch M, go to 51 Votes NOW and WIN. IT’S TIME!” Unfortunately, the vote did not reach the necessary 50 to overhaul Obamacare.

McConnell on Monday said the deadlines placed on Congress are “irritating” and compared the Trump administration’s progress so far to that of former President Obama’s.

McConnell said, “People frequently ask me, ‘What’s being the majority leader of the Senate like?’” He continued, “The best answer I’ve been able to come up with is a little bit like the groundskeeper at a cemetery. Everybody’s under you, but nobody’s listening.”

McConnell blamed Trump’s “early timelines” for why Americans think Congress is not accomplishing its goals.

McConnell explained in a flustered manner, “A Congress goes on for two years. And part of the reason I think that this storyline is that we haven’t done much is because in part the president and others have set these early timelines about things need to be done by a certain point.”

It’s easy to say that Trump should loosen up, but it also leads us to wonder if he has to run an extremely tight ship in order to get anything done. Some people don’t get anything done in time. Trump probably just wants to ensure that things are done in a timely manner.

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