McCain Says We All ‘Share Responsibility’ for Government Shutdown

Senator John “Songbird” McCain claims that “all of us share responsibility” regarding the government shutdown. The Arizona lawmaker blames Democrats and Republicans alike for causing the shutdown.

According to him, if both sides would have have just cooperated for the sake of America then we would not be dealing with this right now. There’s just one problem with that though: if Republicans “cooperated” and caved to the Democrats’ demands, then hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants would have taken priority of every single American citizen in our country.

Actually, just the fact that the government is shut down right now over the “rights” of illegals in our country shows that Democrats care more about them than Americans.

“The government shutdown is a direct result of the breakdown of cooperation in Congress,” McCain said, “As Republicans and Democrats run to cable news to point fingers and assign blame, the hard reality is that all of us share responsibility for this failure.”

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“For years, under both a Republican and Democrat-controlled Congress and White House, partisanship has taken precedent over national security,” he added, “Political gamesmanship, an unwillingness to compromise, and a lack of resolve on both sides have led us to this point.”

McCain was absent for the vote on the budget because he is undergoing treatment for his brain cancer.

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