McCain Gets McBlasted on Twitter, and it’s GREAT!

Arizona Senator John McCain, also known as the “Songbird” for his willingness to sing when he was captured during war, has made it his goal to sabotage President Donald Trump. What he obviously doesn’t realize is that along the way, he has also sabotaged his standing with the Republican Party.

Not only did he vote against the Obamacare repeal and replace (although he said NUMEROUS times in the past that we needed to get rid of it ASAP), but now he is attempting to destroy the Army’s plan to issue mental-health waivers to those who need them.

Our Conservative reports: 

Business Insider reported that McCain spoke out on Tuesday to say that the Senate Armed Services Committee could delay Trump’s nominees for defense positions because of dissatisfaction with the Army’s announcement of a plan to offer waivers for recruits with histories of some mental-health conditions. This comes after it was reported that the Army had lifted a ban on mental-health waivers and will allow people with histories of self-mutilation, bipolar disorder, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse to request them.

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McCain expressed his disdain for this policy change during a confirmation hearing for three nominees on Tuesday.

“It’s a problem we’ve been having with this administration,” McCain alleged. “We should have been told about this before it showed up in a USA Today article. The Army did not respond to a question of how many waivers, if any, have been issued since the policy was changed.”

Well the American people see what is going on and guess what? We are OVER it! McCain is being blasted on Twitter by Conservatives and it is seriously great.

One woman laid it straight for the RINOS of the GOP. She said, “I’ve got news for , , , , and the rest of the establishment RINO’s. You can lose every election by your posturing and grandstanding and it wont hurt Trump. Either way his agenda doesn’t get passed, so what’s the difference? It only hurts GOP.”

Here are some of the tweets aimed at McCain and his traitorous ways:


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