Mayor Credits Hungarian Border Fence for Preserving Peace

A mayor publicly praises the Hungarian border fence for preserving his town, and he commends Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall on our southern border.

Despite “refugees” wanting to get access to the E.U., the Hungarian border is protected.

A mayor publicly praises the Hungarian border fence for preserving his town, and he commends Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall on our southern border. Of course, NBC News characterizes the border barrier as an “iron curtain” across Europe. But the Iron Curtain entailed a fence to prevent people from leaving Communist countries!

Here’s some Associated Press footage from 2015 of “refugees” storming the Hungarian border fence.

NBC News reports, “Far-right mayor hails success of Hungary-Serbia border fence.

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Toroczkai believes President Donald Trump, who is choosing designs for a wall along the southern border aimed at sealing off Mexico, should be encouraged by the success. “I hope it inspires the Americans,” he said.

It certainly inspired Hungarians, who voted overwhelmingly for anti-migrant parties in elections earlier this month. Toroczkai is also in the running to take over as leader of the ultra-nationalist Jobbik movement, which won 20 percent of the vote.

For thousands of migrants who passed through Ásotthalom in 2015, the rural town provided the first taste of life in the European Union.

Many E.U. nations have light or nonexistent internal border checks. Crossing into Hungary from Serbia, which is not a member of the 28-member bloc, represents the last major hurdle on the way to prosperous countries such as Germany.

Until this time last year, much of the boundary was protected by a single layer of razor wire, which was easily cut. As the migrant trickle turned into a flood, Hungary closed its border, leading to violent clashes with police.

“This was not normal migration — this was like an attack,” said Toroczkai, who accused migrants of starting fires in empty homes. “People moved here for a calm life and they destroyed this calmness.”

His demands for a Trump-style border wall were at first rejected by Hungary’s government, led by nationalist Viktor Orban.

But with anti-immigration sentiment on the rise and elections looming, Orban eventually ordered the construction of the $476 million fence. He tried to make the E.U. pay for it, but Brussels refused.

Trump believes real border walls are “truly the first line of defense,” and Toroczkai agrees.

“It worked,” said the mayor, who enjoys a folk-hero status among Hungary’s resurgent far-right. His reputation was further boosted when he produced and starred in an action movie-style video message to migrants. “Hungary is a bad choice,” he warns in it. “Ásotthalom is the worst.”

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