Maxine Waters: Trump Should be Impeached for Obstruction of Justice [VIDEO]

U.S. Representative [score]Maxine Waters[/score] (D-CA) said that if the Democrats had the majority in the House and if she were Speaker, she’d say that the President should be charged with Obstruction of Justice for firing Comey.

In her mind, everything has to do with Russia, and the White House are a bunch of associates of the ‘Kremlin clan.’ So, by firing Comey when he did, it’s obvious that Trump did that because Comey was ‘getting too close.’ “If you get too close in this Russia investigation, he’s coming after you,” Waters told Chris Hayes in an interview.

When Hayes asked her about impeachment, Waters responded:

“I’ve said all along that he will lead us to impeachment, and he’s doing just that. Everyday, more and more is unfolding. I told you that I thought there was a Kremlin clan and these were his allies.

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“I had a resolution back in February that said he should be investigated for collusion… If we do the investigation, everything is there.

“We’re fiddling while Rome is burning. This president needs to be impeached. I believe that. I believe there was collusion. We need to get on with the business of doing real investigations.”

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