Maxine Waters: Trump Firing Comey was Bad Decision; If Hillary Had Fired Comey, it Would Have Been a Good Decision [VIDEO]

The jokes just write themselves, folks. If late show hosts like Stephen Colbert were a tad more honest, they’d use this in their opening monologue jokes. It’s pure gold.

Congress(wo)man [score]Maxine Waters[/score] (D-CA) takes the cake when it comes to political cognitive dissonance. She’s so open about it, and it doesn’t bother her one bit.

Just days before Trump was inaugurated, she was livid with James Comey, stating at a press conference that he ‘has no credibility,’ before storming off in a fluster.

MSNBC reporter Peter Alexander asked if she’s happy that President let Comey go, considering that she thought he had no credibility. “I assume you support the president’s decision then to fire his FBI director,” he said.

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“No, I do not necessarily support the president’s decision,” Waters responded.

But what if Hillary had won the presidency, and she fired him? Would that have been okay?

“If she had won the White House, I believe that given what he did to her, and what he tried to do, she should have fired him. Yes,” Waters answered.

“So she should have fired him, but he shouldn’t fire him,” Alexander tried to clarify. “This is why I’m confused.”

You’re not alone, Peter.

This is MSNBC, mind you. Even they’re not buying this.

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