Maxine Waters Says Trump Will be Impeached Over ‘Russiagate’ [VIDEO]

Representative [score]Maxine Waters[/score] (D-CA) is still hopeful there’s a conspiracy afoot between the Russians and the Trump campaign. She hasn’t seen any evidence, but she says she still believes the narrative.

Even the House Intelligence Committee members have acknowledged that as of yet, there’s no evidence. Both top-ranking congressmen in the committee have basically conveyed the same message, albeit both colored by their respective party affiliations. So, the ranking Democrat Adam Schiff has to acknowledge that he hasn’t seen any evidence to support the Russia-Trump narrative, but that he still believes there is evidence somewhere.

Before he succumbed to political pressure to recuse himself from the investigation, Republican committee chairman Devin Nunez said the same thing, except without saying that he believed there was evidence.

Even so, Maxine Waters is dead set on seeing Trump impeached over this. She says that the United Kingdom has evidence that proves collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign:

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