Maxine Waters for President? Please Let It Happen!

From her speaking engagements, observers are wondering if Maxine Waters wants to run for President in 2020.

Maxine Waters running for President in 2020 would be a dream come true for Republicans. It seems impossible that Democrats would find the elderly liberal extremist desirable. If Trump took the working class away from the Democrats, could Maxine Waters get them back? Highly doubtful.

Yet, as the American Mirror points out, Maxine Water’s impending trip to New Hampshire indicates she might be trying out for a run.

As much as Liberals want to win the next presidential race, they seem to want to hate Trump Americans more. That is the appeal of Maxine Waters. The American Mirror reports (emphasis added),

In April, Salon Editor-at-Large d. Watkins published a video on Twitter in which he provided 5 reasons “why Maxine Waters should be our next president.”

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“Maxine understands the people,” Watkins said as his #5 reason.

“Number 4, Maxine Waters has an amazing reputation of being a fearless, outspoken advocate for women, the poor, children, people of color — pretty much everybody that was left out of the Trump campaign,” he said.

Watkins said #3 is because of her opposition to the war in Iraq.

“That’s something that (Hillary) Clinton, (George W.) Bush, (Donald) Trump, (John) McCain, all of those people couldn’t really figure out,” he said.

Watkins said Waters “loves the Millennials and we love her back,” he said.

His justification was that Waters’ is “learning our language and using the internet.”

Watkins’ number one reason?

“She’s not afraid to attack the right,” he said.

“These are tough times and in tough times we need a tough leader,” Watkins said. “That’s why I nominate Maxine Waters to be our next president.”

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