Matt Walsh: ‘Our Children have become Self-Pitying Cybabies’

What is the result of our culture glorifying victimhood? Matt Walsh said it best when he claimed that “our children have become self-pitying crybabies.”

If a child is taught to play the victim, then that is all they will ever know! As a whole, our society is raising narcissistic jerks who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way!

Daily Wire reports:

A study was released today revealing a startling number of middle and high school students who cyberbully themselves online. I really thought that was some kind of weird euphemism when I first read it, but no, it’s exactly what it sounds like. About 6% of kids between the ages of 12 and 17 admit that they anonymously post mean comments to themselves on the internet. Sometimes, apparently, the fake bullying victim will even engage in an angry, schizophrenic back-and-forth with his fake bully. It would be funny if it weren’t so disturbing and sad.

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Interestingly, according to the report, gay teens are three times more likely to harass themselves in this way. We hear a lot about the alleged epidemic of homophobic bullying in our culture, but it turns out that a good chunk of the anti-gay bullying is as phony as the anti-gay hate crime hoaxes.

Walsh points out how there is always something going viral related to a “homophobic note left on a receipt” or some kind of hateful, racist flying handing around a college campus. Then weeks later, the truth comes out that it was fake and actually created by the person claiming offense.

This website has been cataloguing phony hate crimes since 2012, and they’re up to 327 already. That’s one fake hate crime every six days. Add in the fake cyberbullying and a picture begins to form of a country filled with people utterly desperate to be hated.

Walsh said that they reason they act like this is because “they’ve been taught that victimhood is power.”

He continued, “These kids spend their time inventing fake bullies because victimhood is the highest form of social currency in our culture. Kids collect and count their bullies like they used to collect and count Pokemon cards. Maybe they still collect Pokemon cards, I don’t know, but collecting bullies is new.”

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