Massive ‘America First’ Pack Forms with Pro-Trump Candidates for 2018

“From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first.” -Donald Trump, Inaugural Speech

The day Donald Trump was sworn in is the day that America became first on the agenda again, despite the angered protests of liberals. Now, pro-Trump candidates who are running for House and Senate positions in 2018 are banding together in an “America First” pack.

We already know of four major candidates who will be joining together on August 26 in Pennsylvania for an “America First” rally. This will officially be their first “concerted effort to build a Trump Caucus within the United States Congress.”

Big League Politics reports:

The America First Rally, organized by a former Trump campaign staffer, will be held at Green Grove Gardens in Pennsylvania near the Maryland border, and will feature Pennsylvania Senate candidate Bobby Lawrence, Maxine Waters’ California congressional opponent Omar Navarro, Joe Manchin’s West Virginia challenger and coal miner Bo Copley, and Elizabeth Warren’s “Real Indian” opponent V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai from Massachusetts. Kelli Ward — who primaried John McCain last year and is now running against NeverTrump Senator Jeff Flake in Arizona — is also in talks to appear. Other candidates are expected to sign on as we get closer to the rally.

The rally organizer is also meeting with Michigan Senate hopeful Kid Rock in several days.

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When speaking of the rally, Bobby Lawrence said, “This is about the America First agenda laid out by President Trump during his campaign.”

Omar Navarro added, “There’s going to be 2 to 5 thousand people there, and different candidates talking about the pro-Trump message. I think we’ll get a lot of national attention.”

He continued, “What distinguishes us and makes us different is, we’re outsiders. We’re people from the outside who want to see change in our country, in our government. Changes are not happening. We need people working with the administration to get the job done. Maxine Waters is constantly touting impeachment. Impeach 45, impeach 45. These things are not related to the 43rd district. You have Toyota, Honda, many other companies that are leaving the 43rd district. So she’s interested in pushing a hoax to try to impeach the president?”

Navarro added, “I’m working very hard every single day,” he said, “I’m raising money, that’s part of the game. I’m doing it without the Republican Party through small donors. I’m endorsed by Larry Elder, I have Roger Stone working on my campaign as a political strategist. We are picking up momentum. I’m going to be at PolitCon with Roger Stone, we’re going to be talking to different people. I know that Maxine Waters is not going to win next year. If I keep fundraising the way I’m fundraising she’s not going to win. People are saying this has the potential to be the next Ossoff race.”

For more information on the “America First” rally, visit Big League Politics.

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