Massachusetts Ripping off Federal Taxpayers to Fund Romneycare!

Over our time here at Eagle Rising we’ve gone back and forth on Mitt Romney. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan. I don’t trust his conservatism, but I do think he would have made a MUCH better President than Obama.

One of the reservations we had about Governor Romney was from his time as Governor of Massachusetts. During his one term as Governor, Romney’s record was that of a moderate to liberal Republican – on guns, taxes, spending and social issues… Romney was no conservative.

The biggest problem, however, was Romney’s handling of healthcare.

During his time as Governor, Mitt Romney developed and passed the complete overhaul of Massachusetts healthcare system – we now call it Romneycare. Romneycare gave the state government control of the healthcare of every citizen of Massachusetts and would end up being the template by which Obamacare would be designed. It was socialism in action at the state level — and it was created by a Republican.

Fast-forward a few years, and Jonathan Gruber, the architect behind Romneycare and Obamacare, is on the hot seat for his many statements denigrating Americans and admitting that Obama lied to America to pass Obamacare.

A new video also shows him bragging about “ripping off” federal taxpayers to the tune of $400 MILLION a year! Apparently, you and I have been paying for Romneycare this whole time… not the citizens of Massachusetts alone, but us, living in states like Georgia, Florida, Texas, Nevada, California, Illinois, etc… we have also been paying for healthcare in Massachusetts under Romneycare.



Will you be mad at me if I tell you that I’ve never liked Ted Kennedy and I now like Mitt Romney a whole lot less?

I thought Romneycare was a bad idea before – now I think it’s a bad idea that’s been stealing my money for years. Mitt Romney better not run for President again in 2016, or I will have a lot of negative things to say about him.

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