Massachusetts Democrat Mayor Charged With Fraud… Refuses To Step Down

Massachusetts Mayor Jasiel Correia charged with fraud to fund his lavish lifestyle refuses to step down…

This is hypocrisy at it’s finest. Democrats labeled Brett Kavanaugh as guilty, even though there was no actual proof. However, they change their tune when it’s a Democrat.

He says, innocent until proven otherwise. That’s contrary to the democratic policy against Kavanaugh. This is your democratic party, America. Vote Republican!

Fox News:

An embattled Democratic mayor from Massachusetts, who was arrested last week on suspicion of fraud and tax charges, is refusing to step down, calling his arrest “politically motivated” hours before city councilors pushed back a debate on how to handle the matter.

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“I am presumed innocent until proven otherwise,” Mayor Jasiel Correia told reporters at a press conference at Fall River’s City Hall. “I will not allow political enemies to remove me from office.”

He said the attack began shortly after assuming office because he was “challenging the norms” in the town.

“Not arrogantly, not selfishly, but humbly, I will continue to every day show how hard working your mayor is, and I will not resign,” he continued.

The nine-member Fall River City Council adjourned a special meeting after an hour of public input Tuesday before discussing the indictment against Correia, reported.

He has pleaded not guilty and vowed to fight the charges. More

Let due process determine his fate.

The presumption of innocence? What a novel idea! Did we just come up with that? It’s amazing how all of a sudden a liberal believes in due process when it’s his butt on the line. It seems to me that just a couple of weeks ago it was the flip side of the coin… how very strange.

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