Maryland Sheriff says Immigrants are Responsible for a Recent Spike in Violence!

Law enforcement officials in Maryland are growing concerned with a recent spike in gang violence in Frederick County just west of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Sheriff Charles Jenkins recently appeared before the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security to speak about the situation and to explain its connection to illegal immigration and immigration reform.

The Sheriff told the House Subcommittee that “immigrants in the U.S. illegally are committing crimes in the county and recruiting in local schools.

“Some of the problems that have started in the communities with the gang presence is now spreading into our high schools — some of it into our middle schools. [At] one of the local high schools, routinely [there are] fights between rival gangs.”

The sheriff also told the subcommittee that he believes several gangs, including the infamous MS-13 and 18th Street gangs are actively recruiting members in the county’s schools. Other county officials clarified that this is not just a “school problem” but that it’s a problem throughout the entire community. Frederick County Public Schools spokesman Michael Doerrer.

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“To the extent that gangs are an issue in Frederick County, they are a community issue, not a school system issue per se,” he said.

Jenkins is known for hard-line policies on immigration. Frederick County deputies perform an immigration background check on everyone they arrest.

“We have placed 1,400 individuals who were in this country illegally and committed crimes in our county — [they] have been placed in removal proceedings,” he said.

Liberals, including immigration activists, are of course calling the sheriff’s comments wrongheaded and unhelpful, but the truth is that he is likely the person most knowledgeable on this subject. The sheriff is a law enforcement professional with direct access to the data showing him shifts in crime rates as well as the demographic data that would support his claims. Of course liberals will simply dismiss his concerns out of hand, because when the facts don’t fit their narrative, they always choose to abandon reason and embrace their precious follies.

Liberal immigration policy is having a demonstrably negative and violent impact on our nation. This is simply more evidence to that fact.

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