Mary Landrieu Lost Because She Reminds Voters of Hillary Clinton

As I predicted in 2013, 2014 turned out to be a great year for the Tea Party. Conservatives didn’t get everything they wanted. We’re still stuck with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, but we’ve added some good people to the ranks of the GOP. We’ll know very soon if the can hold the line against political power temptation.

The latest victory came in Louisiana over the weekend. Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) got crushed in a runoff election. Her Republican opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy, embraced the Tea Party, and it paid off big time.

Now everybody is gearing up for 2016, so it’s to be expected that Hillary Clinton’s name is beginning to come up as the Democrat front runner, and Republicans are linking her to the Democrat’s sinking ship:

“On the heels of Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) crushing loss in Louisiana Senate, Republicans were quick to tie her defeat to the Democratic Party’s heir apparent: Hillary Clinton.

“Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus crowed that Louisianans had ‘rejected the Democrat agenda and the Obama-Clinton policies that have produced higher healthcare costs and job-killing regulations.’

“Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a likely Republican presidential contender in 2016, also sought to hang the loss around Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.”

I believe a lot of voters voted against Landrieu because she reminded them of Hillary…


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