Mary and Joseph ARE NOT Modern Day Palestinians

I realize that this is the day after Christmas and you might be tired of Christmas stories, but the so-called Christmas story is not seasonal, especially when liberals twist and distort it beyond factual recognition.

We’ve heard from Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and other liberal money moochers that the Christmas story is about a homeless couple.

President Obama update the liberal narrative of using the Bible to push a leftist agenda by claiming that Mary and Joseph were like today’s tragic illegal immigrants who only want a place to stay in the inn that’s America but too many Americans and those in the Republican Party are like the inn keeper who is telling them there’s no room for them.

Here’s how President Obama explained it: “If we’re serious about the Christmas season, now is the time to reflect on those who are strangers in our midst and remember what it was like to be a stranger.” He went on to tell his Nashville audience that the Nativity story was about a “soon to be mother” and “a husband of modest means who were looking for a place to stay, but there was no room at the inn.”

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As anybody who is familiar with the Bible, this is nonsense…


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