Mark Halperin Accused of Pressing Erection against Women—”Open Secret”

According to news: Mark Halperin accused of sexual harassment; ABC News accused of knowing it.

With Mark Halperin accused of sexual harassment or worse, a CNN senior correspondent has accused people at ABC News of being complicit by their silence. Of course, she was silent too.

In a way, this explains some of the hostility against Donald Trump. Basically, all the crimes of Hollywood and news media culture that women have been submitting to for the sake of their careers is getting projected on him, despite no comparable evidence against him.

Mediaite reports, “Former ABC Newser: Halperin’s Harassment ‘Open Secret’ at Network ‘For Years.’

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CNN senior correspondent Clarissa Ward said on Thursday that Mark Halperin’s alleged sexual harassment was an “open secret” at ABC News “for years.”


Halperin is accused of harassing a number of ABC News employees when he was the network’s political director in the 1990s. His behavior ranged from “propositioning employees for sex” to “kissing and grabbing one’s breasts against her will.” Three of the women accused him of “pressing an erection against their bodies while he was clothed.”

Read the full Mediaite story.

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