Marine Le Pen Is Still Target of Establishment

Though she was defeated in the last election, Marine Le Pen claims banks are attacking her.

Marine Le Pen represents everything the pro-EU French establishment hates and fears. Just because she was defeated in the last election does not mean that she is no longer a threat. If the French people continue to experience economic problems, as well as crime and terrorism, her popularity might grow.

So, it seems that the banks in France are engaged in a campaign against Le Pen, according to her public statement.

Reuters reports, “France’s Le Pen says she is victim of ‘banking fatwa’ over account closures.

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen accused banks on Wednesday of closing accounts that belong to her and her party, saying she has been the victim of a “banking fatwa” meant to silence her National Front.

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The 49-year-old is smarting from defeat in presidential and parliamentary elections this year, during which she already accused French banks of being politically biased for not giving loans to finance her campaigns.


The FN says Societe Generale closed its accounts in November and that when the central bank ordered a subsidiary, Credit du Nord, to manage an account for the party, the bank refused to process cheque and credit card payments.

Read the entire Reuters story.

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