Marine Bashes SJW’s For Trying To Redefine Veteran

Double amputee Marine veteran Joey Jones mocked author Warren Blumenfeld for wanting to change the definition of the word veteran to include diplomats and conflict resolution activists.

“What’s important here to understanding is that as a country, we choose this term and we choose this reverence for the term for the simple fact that these men and women, these G.I. Joes, G.I. Janes — they’re regular people. They didn’t go to private school … They chose to serve their country and they chose to do something that transcends these tit-for-tat politics that we play here in this country sometimes.”

Fox News Insider:

A liberal writer is suggesting in an opinion piece that the category of being a veteran should now include social justice warriors.

Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld wrote in LGBTQ Nation that a “true” veteran speaks out, stands up and advocates for social justice and freedom.

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“Take a few moments to consider those fighting a cultural and figurative civil war to reduce the violence and injustice,” he wrote.

Joey Jones, a retired Marine Corps bomb technician, said Monday on Fox & Friends that Blumenfeld’s argument is “pretty laughable.” More

Marine veteran Joey Jones reacts.


A hallmark of the progressive American Left is their Orwellian tendency to seize particular words or phrases and then either water them down or change their meaning completely, typically in a bid to rewrite history and adjust the course of the nation and society going forward.

In that vein, an article was recently published in LGBTQ Nation by Dr. Warren Blumenfeld that asked “Is it time to expand the definition of ‘veteran?’” Needless to say, the article — ode to social justice warrior activists — didn’t sit well with actual military veterans.

After first professing his great admiration and appreciation for the men and women who’ve served our nation in the military, Blumenfeld suggested that the “socially-constructed category of ‘veteran’” was too limited in that it only applied to those who’d served in the military.

Blumenfeld wrote, “Can we as a nation begin now to consider expanding the category of ‘veteran’ to include the diplomats and the mediators, those working in conflict resolution, and activists dedicated to preventing wars and to bringing existing wars to diplomatic resolution once they have begun? What about the practitioners of non-violent resistance in the face of tyranny and oppression?”  More

Liberals now want to count their protest and rioting time… The first point of idiocy in Blumenfeld’s OpEd is that someone in a mob or a riot or even a reasonable, peaceful protest against any phony tyranny or oppression in the USA is a ‘warrior’. What a ridiculous thought totally unworthy of any serious consideration.

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