Marco Rubio’s Support for Senate Immigration Bill Continues to Haunt Him (and Us)

I ‘m going to admit to something that I hope you won’t hold against me. I was a big fan of Marco Rubio. Growing up in Florida and knowing that the state plays a pivotal role in American electoral politics – it’s incredibly important that we conservatives find a way to win Florida over. I thought that Marco Rubio would be able to do that. Then in the Spring of 2013 came the “Gang of 8” immigration bill and Marco Rubio’s fall from grace into the clutches of Senators McCain and Graham.

Rubio lost me about the same time he lost most of Eagle Rising’s readers.

I think Rubio can still come back from this… but as we’re about to point out, that Gang of 8 bill is still haunting him.

The brilliant Javier Manjarres who covers all things Florida politics over at the Shark Tank had some great observations about President Obama’s Executive Amnesty speech from Thursday night.

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During his address, Obama mentioned that he would push forward with his executive orders because the House of Representatives failed to, or refused to take up and allow a “simple vote” on the controversial and pro-illegal immigration “Gang of 8″ Senate bill cosponsored by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, which Obama said was a fair “compromise.”

The Senate’s 2013 immigration reform, aka “Gang of 8″ bill, has paved the way for Obama’s executive amnesty orders.

Here is what Rubio said before Obama’s speech:

“We need immigration reform. But the right way to do it is to first bring illegal immigration under control by securing the borders and enforcing the laws, then modernizing our legal immigration system. After we do these things, we will eventually have to deal with those here illegally in a reasonable but responsible way. The President’s actions now make all of this harder and are unfair to people in our immigration system who are doing things the right way.”

For Marco Rubio to get away from the stench of his collusion with the Amnesty Wing of the Republican Party, he is going to have to work hard to win back the confidence of conservative voters. Part of that means taking a stronger stand against the Amnesty and against President Obama’s illegal attempts to change immigration law simply by willing it.

Do yourself a favor and read the rest of Javier’s thoughts over at the Shark Tank.

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