Marco Rubio Won’t Take the Bait and Attack Rand Paul


Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was a guest on CNN with Jake Tapper on Wednesday, and the discussion of course revolved around Senator Rubio’s run for the White House. Tapper gave Rubio an opportunity to score some easy points against his fellow Republican, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), by pointing out Paul’s differences on foreign policy. To his credit, Rubio refused to take the bait.


Jake Tapper: Do you pledge to support the Republican nominee whoever it is even if it is somebody that you disagree with so strongly on foreign issues like Senator Rand Paul? Just as an observation, I think you probably agree with Hillary Clinton on more matters pertaining to foreign policy than you do with Rand Paul. 

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Marco Rubio: We’ll have plenty of time for that sort of comparison.

Let me just say I am confident that the Republican nominee whoever that may be and I expect it to be me and I hope it will be me and I’ll work hard to make it me but I’m confident the Republican nominee is someone who will believe that America needs to be engaged globally and that the world is a safer and better place when America is engaged and exerting global influence.

I’m pretty confident that at the end of this process our nominee will be someone like that whether because they change positions to adapt that view or that’s because who they really are.


Rand Paul’s foreign policy views may not be in the GOP mainstream, but as a complete candidate, he is far more conservative and far more akin to Rubio’s own policy positions than Hillary Clinton. Any disagreement that the GOP field may have with Paul on foreign policy should not be a hindrance when Election Day rolls around. Republican candidates should avoid fighting with each other as much as possible and only do so when absolutely necessary (like on a debate stage).


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