Marco Rubio Slams Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Energy Policy Speech

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has gotten lost in the milieu of GOP Presidential politics over the last few weeks, but it would be a mistake to forget about him. Rubio still polls in the top tier of candidates and he remains a strong voice on foreign policy, as well as being optimistic about our future. While Rubio has been hammered by conservatives in recent years for his constantly fluctuating stand on immigration, it’s important to remember that through it all he has been a solid conservative voice on almost everything else. He may no longer be the “darling” of the Tea Party movement, but he’s still a credible voice on conservative policy.

With all of that being said, Rubio unveiled his plans for America’s energy policy, should he be elected President, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Wednesday. During his speech, Senator Rubio blasted President Obama’s disastrous energy policies while laying waste to Hillary Clinton’s equally terrible energy ideas.

“America’s energy future must be entrusted to our businesses and scientists, not our bureaucrats. And finding ways to empower our energy producers to capture our energy potential should be a priority for every presidential candidate. Unfortunately, what we hear from Hillary Clinton are more of the same ideas from yesterday — and that’s when she speaks up on the issue at all. For the most part, she resorts to empty rhetoric that refuses to chart much of a course in either direction.”

Earlier this week Rubio paved the way for his speech by writing an op-ed in the National Review Online outlining what he would be saying.

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It is hard to think of a single industry that has a more direct impact on Americans’ financial well-being than the energy industry. Our energy resources truly sustain our human resources. Our businesses need to be able to operate affordably and efficiently in order to create jobs and grow our economy. Our families need reasonable gas and electric bills in order to reach financial security. Working moms and dads need to be able to commute to work without breaking the bank. Yet despite the importance of this industry, our outdated government has made energy one of the most politicized and regulated aspects of our economy. It picks winners and losers through subsidies and higher taxes. And while some of the environmental concerns influencing regulations are legitimate, others are seriously overblown. A small but vocal minority, with some very highly paid lobbyists, has successfully pushed for restrictions that result in higher prices and fewer jobs for our people in exchange for minimal environmental benefits. I believe that the vast majority of Americans — both Democrats and Republicans — are very reasonable when it comes to balancing ecology with the economy. And I believe it is conservatives, not liberals, who ultimately have the more sustainable and forward-looking agenda. This is because the true path to an economically and environmentally secure energy future is not through regulation, but through innovation. And innovation comes from less government involvement, not more. America’s energy future must be entrusted to our businesses and scientists, not our bureaucrats. 

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