Marco Rubio says Trump’s ‘Outrageous Comments’ Distract from Real Issues

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) jumped into the illegal immigration circus that seems to be following his fellow candidate for President, Donald Trump.

Rubio was a guest on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox Business News when Cavuto asked him what he thought about Trump’s comments, and Rubio opened a rhetorical can on Trump.

Rubio weaves a nice story about his fight to fix the illegal immigration problem but it rings hollow when we remember his history with the Gang of 8 turncoats.

Rubio attacked Trump for being a distraction to the national debate on real solutions to our immigration issues.

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“The problem is border security is a very legitimate issue, illegal immigration is a very serious issue,” Rubio said.

“What’s happened now is that he has made some other comments that are less responsible. And those comments are now what everyone is focused on.” Rubio argued that Trump “let off the hook all of the people that don’t want a debate about illegal immigration.”

Rubio continued by saying that Trump’s comments “distract from the very serious debate on hand and that is this: we have a broken legal immigration system and an illegal immigration problem that isn’t just composed by the way of a porous border with Mexico.

We should be focused on that and not, through outrageous comments, let off the hook those people that don’t want to have that debate.

All they do is focus on what Trump said and distract from the real issue, which is the fact that we have legal immigration laws that are not being enforced.”



The problem on immigration for Rubio is that the grassroots GOP doesn’t want to hear about it from him. He’s made too many mistakes on the subject in recent years, and he’s just not believable when he argues that he would be tough on illegal immigration. For many in the GOP their one agreement with Trump could actually trump (no pun intended) their many agreements with Rubio in the primary. It would probably be best for Rubio to stay away (as much as humanly possible) from the immigration conversation, especially while Trump is shining a light on the problem.

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