Marco Rubio Knocks it Out of the Park on Abortion, Capitalism and the Environment

Marco Rubio is a practicing Roman Catholic and therefore gives great deference to the Pope.

However, in a recent interview on Fox News, he made it clear that while he supports Pope Francis he is also willing to stand against him on matters of policy and economics. Rubio spoke clearly and intelligently on the matter of the Pope’s visit, but his best moments came while blasting the immorality of Planned Parenthood and their Democrat supporters.

“It’s not even a political issue. It’s a human rights issue. To me, that’s a human rights issue. They discuss it as a political issue, but for me the sanctity of life is a human rights issue. I believe that unborn children have rights.

That someone, just because they haven’t been born and don’t have a birth certificate, doesn’t mean they don’t have rights. And Planned Parenthood is an organization that’s been caught – repeatedly – now on video – trafficking in fetal tissue of aborted children. It’s an outrageous practice. Americans are outraged by it, and they don’t understand why we continue to fund – with taxpayer money – an organization that does this sort of thing…

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What we’ve proposed is let’s take the money Planned Parenthood gets, and let’s give it to federally qualified health centers that DON’T do what Planned Parenthood does, but do provided women’s healthcare – which is important.”

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