Marco Rubio is the Perfect Anti-Hillary – So Says MSNBC!

Some folks were worried that Marco Rubio’s announcement for President would be overshadowed by that of Hillary Clinton’s. Seriously, there were Republicans who thought that Clinton might be killing Rubio’s chances right out of the gate… that is until things went down on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday Clinton released her Presidential announcement and it was downright… empty. There just wasn’t much to it and it wasn’t all that inspiring… in fact it would have been better used as a commercial for a scrappy paper towel or for a popular cellphone network.


The more I watch Hillary Clinton’s announcement video, the less I like it. This may be putting it mildly.

the video was relentlessly, insultingly vapid — a Verizon commercial without the substance. “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top,” Clinton said in what passed for a meaty message. “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.”

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Adding insult to vacuousness was the demographic box-checking nature of the video, however beautifully filmed. Working mom, check. Hispanic entrepreneur, check. Retiring grandma, check. Gay couple, check. African-American family, check. Hardworking small-businessman, check. South Asian, inter-racial, lesbian, check, check, check. If your demographic was not featured, you should write the campaign and it will probably splice you in.

Might I suggest, candidate Clinton? The best way to demonstrate your humility to voters is to take them and their presidential choice seriously, not to pander and condescend.


Compare that sad bit of pandering to Marco Rubio’s announcement on Monday night and things become remarkably clear – Rubio is ready and America is better off leaving Clinton in the past.



Matt Lewis: I think everyone thought — the hand wringing was that Hillary Clinton was going to overshadow Marco Rubio by giving her announcement the day before his. I think she turned out to be a foil for Marco Rubio.

Joe Scarborough: She did.

Matt Lewis: I think she set him up perfectly.

rubio clintonJoe Scarborough: She really did help frame everything he said yesterday, didn’t she? It was a dream for Marco Rubio for her to go Sunday and have to frame it on Monday. It was extraordinary. It was — I’m sorry to interrupt, but it was 25 years of Clinton on Sunday, and then on Monday, Marco can frame that. I’m talking, of course, just of the GOP.

Matt Lewis: He couldn’t — I mean, he actually couldn’t have planned it any better had he coordinated with her to try to pull this off.


Rubio put an exclamation point on his great start by preparing an op-ed for Tuesday’s issue of USA Today.


The real American Dream is about earning a comfortable wage, raising your family in a safe neighborhood, worshiping as you choose, providing your children a good education and retiring with dignity after a long and fulfilling life. And the American Dream is about one thing more than any other. It is about giving your children the chance to do the things you could not do, go the places you could not go and open the doors that were closed to you

I believe the Republican Party is best equipped to reclaim the promise of America in our time. We are the party of Lincoln, built on the belief that equal opportunity and equal rights under God are ideas so powerful they can unite people of every culture, tongue, race, and creed. We have been that party in the past. At times we have fallen short. But I believe we are that party today.

Our current president ran for office on calls of opportunity and unity. He claimed the mantle of Lincoln. While his intentions were genuine, his presidency has only deepened our divisions and cost us opportunities. This is not because of a flaw in his character, but rather a flaw in his ideas.

The suit he wore to Ford’s Theater that evening was custom made for him, and in the lining of the jacket was a hand-stitched inscription. The inscription read, “One Country, One Destiny.”

That was the idea Lincoln lived for, the idea he died for and the legacy he left behind.

I believe it is also the call of our time, and the call of my party in this election — to pull our nation above its divisions, and reclaim the equality of opportunity that has long united us as one people. That will be the purpose of my campaign, and that will be the purpose of my presidency.

One Country, One Destiny — for Lincoln’s time, for our time, for all time.


Clinton and her Democrat supporters are in a world of trouble.

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