Marco Rubio Explains Why He Waited So Long to Attack Donald Trump


Senator [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL) has been earning praise from across the political spectrum in the days since the last GOP presidential debate. Much of the praise comes because he finally took the frontrunner, Donald Trump, head on and, according to most observers, actually beat Trump at his own debate game. Sure, the debate left something to be desired in terms of “content” from Rubio and Trump… but it’s not as though Mr. Trump had offered much by way of content in previous debates either. While Rubio didn’t get to show off his political savvy, he did get to showcase his energy, wit and aggressive nature, which may end up hurting Donald Trump on Tuesday. (The day of the SEC (or Super Tuesday) Primary.)

In an interesting twist Rubio was a guest on Fox News over the weekend when he was asked about why it took him so long to finally set his sights on Donald Trump. Rubio’s answer was telling and is indicative of why the GOP now finds itself in such dire straits in their fight to keep Trump from being the nominee.

Fox News’ Uma Pemmaraju asked the question on everyone’s mind.

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“Many folks who witnessed your performance in the debate this week, and the day that followed, are asking where was that Marco Rubio months ago? You have said you didn’t want to launch attacks against other candidates. But now in the eleventh hour before Super Tuesday you are attacking Donald Trump with a vengeance. If you felt this strongly before, why didn’t you do this earlier?” 

Rubio began to answer before pausing and reevaluating his response.

… Yeah. That’s a good question. We had hoped that voters would reach this conclusion on their own. Unfortunately it hasn’t gone that way.”

An honest and interesting response. Perhaps if the GOP had taken Trump more seriously from the outset they wouldn’t be stuck in this position going into Super Tuesday.

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