Marco Rubio and John Kasich are Hoping the Establishment ‘Screws the Base’


Conservative pundit and popular talk radio host Steve Deace had some hard words for Republican Primary voters on Sunday when he openly wondered what was keeping Senator [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL) and Governor John Kasich (R-OH) in the race.

Deace has for some time been of the mind that keeping the two other GOP candidates in the primary could slow Donald Trump’s assent, but after watching the Super Saturday drubbing delivered by Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) and Donald Trump, Deace believes that both Rubio and Kasich should be stepping out of the way.

Here’s what Deace had to say on Facebook:

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We have arrived at the point Team Rubio should just be like Team Kasich and openly admit “we’re planning on the establishment screwing the base and handing it to us at the convention.” That would be more intellectually honest than their current spin. Even if you handed all of Florida’s delegates to Rubio today, he’d still be a distant third.

I told my Cruz friends, and even my own staff prior to Super Tuesday, that it may be easier to defeat Trump if they all stay in, and that is my ultimate goal. However, that is no longer the case. We could potentially beat Trump straight up among the voters, which is definitely preferable to a brokered convention. Because while I’m 100% confident Trump doesn’t come out of a brokered convention the nominee, I’m also not 100% confident we’ll be happy with the alternative the GOP comes up with.

Rubio and KasichHowever, if you beat Trump with the voters its far easier to be united enough in the fall to defeat a damaged candidate like Hillary Clinton than it would be via brokered convention.

I also think the argument Rubio is necessary as a Trump attack dog in the debates has merit, because it’s clearly gotten Trump off his game. But that argument has probably reached its peak. Playing Trump’s court jester has hurt Trump more than its helped Rubio, so its likely Rubio will spend the next debate prior to his home state trying to rehab his image and leaving that act behind. Especially because we’re now seeing multiple states where Rubio isn’t even getting delegates.

Look at Louisiana as an example, where Rubio had Jindal backing him. But even if you give Rubio all of Kasich’s voters he still wouldn’t have won a single delegate out of there.

And before you come back with “if Cruz was in this position you wouldn’t be saying this” please save it. I just publicly criticized the Cruz campaign strategy a little more than a week ago. I haven’t gone along with other Cruz campaign people continuing to criticize Rubio but focused the past two weeks instead on Trump, because beating him is my ultimate goal. Four years ago, my guy Newt was in this position and I told him to drop out and support Santorum.

I’m in this for what I believe is best for the country, not a candidate. I just happen to think Cruz as a candidate is the best option for the country. But if that were to change so would my opinion


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