‘March for Science’ Actually a March Against Science and for More Government Funding

On Saturday, people participated in what they’re calling a ‘non-partisan’ ‘March for Science.’ They’re marching in Washington, D.C. and all over the world. They’re ostensibly demonstrating against what they perceive to be a ‘war on science’ waged by the Trump administration, made evident in part by budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the National Endowment for the Arts.

“It’s not about the current administration,” said co-organizer and public health researcher Caroline Weinberg. “The truth is we should have been marching for science 30 years ago, 20 years, 10 years ago. … The current (political) situation took us from kind of ignoring science to blatantly attacking it. And that seems to be galvanizing people in a way it never has before.”

Although they claimed it was a ‘non-partisan’ demonstration, there were plenty of anti-Trump signs held up. One sign was held by a man wearing a white lab coat and a wily-looking gray wig, holding what appeared to be his college degree. Above his college degree read “Real Science.” Below the framed degree was a picture of Donald Trump and an accompanying sign that read: “Fake POTUS.”

Some signs read: “Not Even Hitler Doubted Climate Change,” and “God Hates Climate Deniers.”

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Others read: “Up and Atom,” “Science Cuts Make Me Relatively Angry” with an accompanying picture of Albert Einstein, “I’m with her” with an arrow pointing to earth.

science deniers

This ‘demonstration’ had practically nothing to do with science, and practically everything to do with the politics of the hypothesis of man-caused global warming.

If ‘climate change’ were truly nothing but science, then there wouldn’t be such a push to silence those who bring up inconvenient questions that challenge the hypothesis. Ironically, some of the signs at the march read: “Science, not Silence.” Joanne Nova summed up the faux demonstration nicely:

The March seems to be fighting strawmen. It is supposedly about “Encouraging scientists to share their research” (as if scientists like to hide their research). We know they hide their data, their methods and their adjustments, but when the ABC turns up to interview them, they don’t seem to hide their opinions. They hide their declines  but don’t hide their Nobel Prizes (even if they didn’t get them). Do they need encouragement?

And the March is there, apparently, “affirming science as a vital feature of a working democracy”, who says it isn’t? Like voters have been asking for witchdoctors instead? Absolutely no one is questioning science’s role in democracy. Science has such an incredible halo, it is considered to be so-above-question that everyone wants to brand their version of reality as “science”. There are no marches for stone-age solutions, no “anti-science” movements (except inadvertently by those who think models produce evidence). But those who falsely cloak themselves in the science flag want us to think there is an anti-science movement, so this feeds their own comfortable delusion.

It’s not about science. It’s about having the current administration bow down to fake science, divest its resources from the fossil fuel industry, and invest in so-called green energy. If the world’s developed nations dump fossil fuels and use wind and solar instead, it would allow powerful investors to finally get that return that they’ve been waiting for. Of course, it would also lead to more world poverty, but that’s a sacrifice our elite policy makers are willing to make.

Here are some signs that I didn’t see: “Geology Rocks,” “Astronomy is Out of this World,” “Think Like a Proton and Stay Positive,” and “If You’re Not Part of the Solution, Then You’re Part of the Precipitate.”

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