March 15, 2016 – the Night the GOP Establishment DIED?

The 2016 GOP primary has not gone the way the Republican Establishment had hoped that it would. They began the campaign with several candidates that they believed stood a good chance of being our next President, but by March 15th, they appear to have lost all hope. In fact, one important political pundit thinks that the establishment may have just “died.”

Speaking on NBC’s Today Show NBC’s chief political correspondent Chuck Todd had this to say about the most recent Super Tuesday primary vote.

“The Republican establishment died last night. The Republican establishment is shockingly willing now to let Donald Trump be the nominee. They’re resigned to it, and they’ll focus on trying to hold the House and the Senate. Look, there is an anti-Trump appetite out there. There’s just no messenger to tap into it…”

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Over on NBC’s sister channel MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough believes that Donald Trump is the best candidate to unite the GOP. On Wednesday morning Scarborough argued that Trump should reach out to the establishment in an effort to unite the Party (Scarborough apparently doesn’t think Trump needs to reach out to conservatives though, because he fails to even mention them).

“The problem is, and we’ve been saying for some time, he has to make the turn. Last night after winning he’s tweeting negative attacks against Megyn Kelly. The very people he’s going to need. He needs to reach out to the Republican establishment that’s been kicking him. He needs to reach out to Megyn Kelly who’s been kicking him. Instead of calling the media disgusting. Those tactics are not going to get those 33% of Republicans [opposed to his candidacy] over to him. He’s got to make the turn or he will get swamped in the fall.”

Meanwhile, Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) hopes that he can be the voice that unites the party. In the wake of Tuesday night’s primary, Cruz was quick to ask GOP voters to support him as the anti-Trump candidate, but he also asked the Republican Party to line up with him in his fight for the nomination. Cruz even argued that John Kasich’s decision to continue campaigning was proof that Kasich was tacitly endorsing Donald Trump.

“I think any candidate, if you don’t have a clear path to winning, it doesn’t make sense to stay in the race. And I would note, every day John Kasich stays in the race benefits Donald Trump,” Cruz said.

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