Manchin Gets Petty: ‘This is Why Washington Sucks’

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin got into a petty squabble with Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday. Manchin then claimed that Pence represents whhy Washington D.C. apparently sucks.

“The vice president’s comments are exactly why Washington sucks. I’m disappointing [sic] in his comments but will continue to make Washington work so West Virginia and our country work,” Manchin salty tweeted.

This was in response to an exchange between him and Pence, in which Pence blasted Manchin for breaking with his party on issues.

“I was in WV a few months ago & I spoke to the WV Chamber of Commerce. @Sen_JoeManchin was there – & I looked him in the eye and I told him, “Joe, the people of the Mountain State are counting on you,” so let’s “get this tax cut done together.” But #JoeVotedNo,” Pence tweeted.

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[email protected]_JoeManchin is going to keep voting against West Virginia & I think Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi are pretty happy w/ the way he votes. But WV needs to let him know that they EXPECT BETTER & they need to let Joe know that WEST VIRGINIA DESERVES BETTER,” he continued.

Manchin attempted to clap back on Twitter. He said, “I was shocked that after the Vice President worked for almost a year in a divisive and partisan way to take health care away from almost 200,000 West Virginians, bankrupt our hospitals, and push tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and huge corporations that he would come to West Virginia and continue his partisan attacks.”

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