Man Under Fire For Posting This “Offensive” Gun Sign on His Property

A gun owner in Boothbay Harbor, Maine is under fire for his controversial sign that contains a play on “Black Lives Matter.” His sign reads: “Black Rifles Matter. Yes, we have’em. No, you can’t take’em.”

The property owner Linc Sample said that some have asked him to remove the sign, but he said,”I don’t respond to that very well. It’s my property, it’s my sign. There’s been some talk that I have hurt tourism. I don’t believe that for a minute.” In addition, Sample said that he has posted controversial signs on his property for years.

Apparently, according to WGME, local businesses have complained that his sign “sends the wrong message,” and that it could deter people from visiting the area.

But to Mr. Sample, his sign’s message is a “rallying cry for the Second Amendment.”

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I wonder if the townspeople would be okay with a sign that actually read “Black Lives Matter.” Or if they’d be fine with a Gay Pride parade. Those are things that actually would deter people from visiting, but they’re also things that they couldn’t do anything about. You know, First Amendment and all that. Opposing such things would automatically get them labeled ‘racist’ and ‘homophobe.’

But a sign that advertised “Black Rifles Matter?” Now, that’s offensive, and it needs to come down. Now.

I’d think that a sign like that would actually be more likely to attract tourists, not turn them away.

It’s like that restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico that advertised it’s new tapenade. Their sign read “Black Olives Matter.” They literally do if you’re wanting to make tapenade. Without black olives, it just wouldn’t be tapenade. But it outraged people just the same. At the same time, people flocked in from surrounding areas and states just to support the restaurant.

Hey, at least it didn’t say “All Olives Matter.” Now that would have been offensive.


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