Man Commits No Crime – Liberals Applaud His Arrest

Okay. Let me get this out there before we start. I am an unapologetic supporter of the 2nd Amendment and everything it implies… even in our modern day. I believe that our founders meant for Americans to be able to defend themselves against the government (and others) with the same technology that the government had. I don’t think the Founders could have possibly foreseen the amazing advances in weapons technology that has occurred… but I do think they knew weapons would evolve. I think they knew weapons would evolve and still they believed that Americans should have the ability to own and carry these weapons as a way to inhibit government oppression.

I believe all of that means that I should be able to carry my firearms with me wherever I go and whenever I want.

A man in Michigan seems to have had the same idea, but he exercised his 2nd Amendment in a way that I probably won’t ever choose.

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This man chose to dress as slovenly as possible and walk up and down Main St. carrying his rifle and acting like a drunk. When police approached him he got hostile practically begging them to shoot him.

Here’s the plain honest truth of my opinion on this. I think this guy is stupid. I think he has death wish, and I think he (and others like him) are hurting our cause.

I don’t know the man but given the way he is dressed and the reports of people who witnessed the incident (some say they thought he was drunk), I believe the man may be depressed. I think he may have been looking for a confrontation just like this, and I think he may have even hoped that someone would kill him so that he could become famous for dying for his cause (the 2nd Amendment).

However, what situations like this actually do is turn the “on the fence” culture at large against us. Incidents like this make us all look bad. People in the middle who have no desire to take our guns… but aren’t necessarily 2nd Amendment advocates either – see this incident and say, “Maybe gun control advocates are right?” This guy may have been well within his right to carry his gun around as he did, but that doesn’t mean it was the best thing to do.

Now liberals are crowing about those crazy gun nuts and how our laws aren’t adequate to protect us, and they are using this Michigan man as a prime example.

That’s why I don’t like what he did.

However, what liberals are missing is this.

The man committed no crime. There was absolutely no reason for police officers to confiscate his gun or arrest/detain him. Michigan law gives him every right to do exactly what he did and NOT be bothered by the police. Yet, liberals are happy that police intervened, stole his private property and harassed him.

That doesn’t seem very progressive of them.

Liberals better be careful – if they support the police detaining civilians and stealing their private property even though no law has been broken… it sets a very dangerous precedent.

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