Man Appears in St. Louis Police PR Event Then Gets Murdered

We need police protection but police PR is obviously not the same thing.

Within two weeks of appearing in pictures at a police PR event, Keith Galloway was gunned down in the St. Louis streets. It is a sickening irony that he appeared at an event “celebrating” crime prevention only to be murdered by someone breaking into a car.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, “Days after posing for photos at anti-crime event, St. Louis man shot to death in robbery.

Eleven days after Keith Galloway smiled for a photograph alongside the mayor during a crime prevention celebration, he was shot to death in a robbery near the barbecue stand he runs.

Galloway, 42, had just returned from a funeral for his friend’s father to tend to his barbecue stand at Page Boulevard and Bayard Avenue on Saturday evening when his daughter told him someone was trying to break into his cousin’s car.

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The car was where Galloway had left the money made at his Five Father’s Barbecue stand while at the funeral, said his cousin, Crystal Lampkin.

The thief ran toward a stretch of vacant run-down homes behind the barbecue stand in the 4800 block of Page Avenue as Galloway gave chase. Lampkin said she then heard three gunshots and her cousin yelling.

I appreciate people who don’t want to give in to anger and hate. But broadcasting sympathy for the killer, in my opinion, is going to have bad consequences in St. Louis. People don’t rob and kill to get stuff. They rob and kill because it is a thrill and addiction to do so.

The victim’s mother, Shelia Thompson, identified the body of her son — the oldest of her seven children.

“If he had caught up to that man, I don’t think he would have harmed him,” Thompson said. “I think he would have asked, ‘Why are you doing this to me? I can help you.’

“He believed in nonviolence and lost his life to violence.”

Read the full St. Louis Post Dispatch story.

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