Malkin: ‘If Trump Caves on Amnesty, There Will be Hell to Pay’

For the love of everything good, I am hoping that President Trump and the GOP does not cave on amnesty. If it comes down to it, and they absolutely determine that they have to cave, then we BETTER get a wall.

Fox News Insider reports:

Michelle Malkin said she largely approved of what she heard during President Trump’s meeting with top Democrats and Republicans on immigration reform, but she warned there will be “hell to pay” if Trump reneges on his pledge that there will be no amnesty for illegal immigrants in the U.S.

During the meeting, Trump called on lawmakers to come up with a “bill of love” to keep hundreds of thousands of so-called DREAMers from having to leave the country, but also to deliver on his promise of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Some conservative commentators, including Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter, have spoken out against Trump’s apparent willingness to work with Democrats on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Malkin said, “In the end, it doesn’t matter what was said yesterday at the meeting,” the political commentator continued, “What he promised those people who went to bat for him in the election is ‘there will be no amnesty.’ That is as clear a statement and promise as you can make. And if he reneges on this promise, it will be hell to pay, not just for Donald Trump, but for the entire Republican Party.”

According to her, Trump needs to follow through with his promise to groups like Angel Moms and Dads, and American citizens who have lost their jobs and lives by the hands of non-citizens.


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