Mainstream Media Admits: Knockout Game Continues [VIDEO!]

The black-on-white knockout game continues, but don’t expect it to be acknowledge at the national level.

As the knockout game continues, the local mainstream media finds it too obvious to deny:

See also the video at NBC News 4 in New York City. (It autostarts, so I didn’t embed it here.)

Of course, despite the admission that this is a fad, and the video, reporters refuse to acknowledge this is a form of racial hatred. We’ve gotten to the point that terms like “teens” or “youths” are synonyms for African-Americans.

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CBS New York reports, “Rash Of ‘Knockout’ Attacks Has Some New Yorkers Worried.

The witness who asked not to be identified, said a group of teens leaving a Shake Shack in DUMBO singled out a 43-year-old man walking his dogs.

They tossed water and milkshakes at him before delivering a knockout punch to his jaw.

What happened next was even more disturbing.

“One boy ran up and crouched down and posed for a photo next to the guy that was passed out and then the rest of the group just kind of ran off and scattered,” the man said.

But this isn’t just one incident. CBS New York acknowledges it is a trend.

The New York Post reports on the incident under the headline, “People are terrified they’ll be next victim of ‘knockout game.’” They point out the law enforcement problem:

Some question if cops can stop such a random phenomenon.

“How do they get a handle on something like that? It’s worrisome. I’m a petite woman,” said Krystin Clark, 25, a Brooklyn student, who said if she sees a pack of teenagers, “I’m definitely crossing the street. It makes me very sad.”

Again, by “a pack of teenagers,” she means “black men.”

She’s right. The cops play a minor role in stopping this. The only thing they can do is catch the culprits so the courts can make public examples of them.

But that will only work if the courts do their job and are backed by the media. Instead, we constantly hear about too many African Americans being incarcerated and how police unfairly target black people. The media, even when they report on the problem, refuse to name the most obvious sociological factor in the crime pattern—that it is overwhelmingly racial. Even the victims refuse to mention that fact.

They’re all basically broadcasting that black-on-white assaults are no big deal. White people deserve it.

So, the knockout game continues…

Read the entire CBS News story.

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