‘Mail Bomber’ Cesar Sayoc is Clearly NOT a Republican

The strangest facts about ‘Mail Bomber’ Cesar Sayoc show He’s a not really a Republican at all.

The strangest facts about ‘Mail Bomber’ Cesar Sayoc show He’s a not really a Republican at all.

Several strange facts about “mail bomber” Cesar Sayoc seem to show that he is just a misfit goofball, but not a real Trump supporter or Republican. Everything about this guy screams “misfit” as opposed to “real conservative.” He just seems like an outsider who has been searching for himself for his entire life. And Trump was only his latest attempt to fit in somewhere and with someone. He is not really a political person and doesn’t seem to really know anything about politics. He is not by rights “one of us” on the right. It’s just that simple.

Political Registration

First and foremost is the fact that he apparently only became a Republican in 2016 when Trump ran for office. In some Internet traces Sayoc even listed himself as a Democrat before 2016.

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For instance, on his MyLife.com bio he called himself a Democrat who was born in 1962.

In addition, one man who worked alongside Sayoc for years, Florida resident Scott Meigs, said that Sayoc never talked about politics at all until 2016. Then he became obsessed with Trump.

Then there is his van. Sure it looks like a big Trump supporter owns the van as its windows are chocked with stickers pushing pro-GOP, pro-Trump, and conservative memes (such as a sticker that says “CNN Sucks”). But there are too many indications that the whole thing was not assembled by a real conservative.

That Wacky Van Art

The van is odd for several reasons. Firstly, all the stickers on its windows are brand new as if the van’s decorations were only assembled in the last few days. Not a single sticker is faded in the hot Florida sun. None are tattered as if the wind had battered them as the van was driven. None seem any older than the next. They are all brightly printed, perfectly placed, and pristine. It is clear this van art was created recently.

Secondly, this coverage of all the windows like that is actually illegal. So, it can’t have been on the street long because some policeman somewhere would have cited the vehicle for its obstructed view. But no police agency has come forward to report that any such citation had been written for the van. This tends to show that the van had only been recently covered in the stickers and has not been sitting on the streets like that for very long.

Also, there is more on the van you’ll see below.

The Suspect’s Name

Then there is the man’s very name. Cesar Altieri Sayoc seems to regularly change his name. He has also been known as Cesar A. Sayol, Ceasar Altieri Randazzo (his Facebook name), or Julus Cesar Milan (his Twitter name). He also seems to have sometimes gone by his middle name as his last name, re Cesar Altieri.

I don’t know about you, but normal people don’t constantly change how they want people to address them.

Sayoc’s Affinities

The suspect has also claimed to be a Seminole Indian who belongs to the Seminole Tribe. This also appears to be a Sayoc fantasy as the Seminole nation said that it has no record at all of his membership or even his application for such. They also say they have no record of Sayoc ever having worked for one of their businesses or casinos.

Then the van comes up again. By the testimony of some past friends, that van he had was once festooned with Indian art instead of the Republican-themed stickers.

But, despite his proclamations of being a Native American, it appears that his father is actually a Filipino. Ceasar Sayoc (the elder) was born in the Philippines in 1936 and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1956. His mother, Madeline Altieri, was from New York where she and the bomber’s father were married in 1961. They divorced in Florida in 1972. The suspect had been living with his mother ever since.

Sayoc also had an affinity for bodybuilding and some photos show him seemingly roided up in bodybuilding gear.

Then there is his Instagram account where he claimed to be a choreographer, a booking agent, and owner of several male stripper businesses. He even said he worked for the Chippendales male stripper outfit. The Chippendales have since said he has never had anything to do with their business.

Social Media

Speaking of social media, many reporters are making hay over his posts that feature attacks on left-wing billionaire George Soros, Barack Obama, and all the usual liberal suspects. But one thing few media outlets are noting is that the list of people he followed was not really filled with conservatives. He didn’t seem to have a long history of debating conservative issues with other conservatives and he did not follow prominent conservative thinkers. In fact, he hadn’t even followed President Trump!

He also had a slew of misspelled names on the envelopes he sent out. If he was a true, hard-core conservative who followed the news intently, it isn’t likely that he would not know how to spell the names of his perceived enemies.

Criminal Record

According to reports, Sayoc has a criminal record. It appears that his first arrest was for larceny in 1991 when he was 29. He was charged with larceny several times after that, as well. He also has convictions for grand theft. And in 2002 he called in a bomb threat to a Florida electric company for which he received a sentence of probation. Clearly he is a troubled man.


So, what do we have with this Cesar Sayoc, accused mailer of fake bombs?

Before Sayoc’s identity was discovered many of us thought the whole episode screamed of a “false flag” operation. In other words, many of us expected that the bomber was sure to turn out to be a liberal who was sending his fake bombs in order to hurt Republicans and cause sympathy for Democrats just ahead of the midterm elections.

While that impression may have been wrong, we were right to question the veracity of the “MAGABomber” name affixed to this nutjob. All the facts show that he was not really a Republican, didn’t really have a grasp of conservative political ideals, and has not been a life-long supporter of the right’s causes.

We absolutely do not have a real conservative, here, in Cesar Sayoc. We do not have someone who spent years thinking about conservative ideas, writing about them, debating them, or talking of them. We also don’t have a life-long Republican voter here.

What we do have is a troubled man who can’t even settle on a name to call himself much less settle on a personality! He is also a man with a history of searching far and wide for something to belong to. He was a bodybuilder, a stripper, a Native American, then suddenly a Trump fanatic. This flitting about in his personal identity shows a man who has never been comfortable inside his own skin, a man who is always lashing out at others, a man who is frustrated and unstable. It appears that Trumpism is just his latest fascination and his most recent desperate attempt to find something he can be part of, something that will let him join.

But what the facts do not show is that he is a man who is a serious political ideologue.

Cesar Sayoc is not a Republican or a conservative.

Hs is just a sad, sick little man.

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