MAGA! Under Donald Trump Oil Can Finally Be Taken from ANWR

With Republicans uniting, under Donald Trump oil is available after forty years of environmentalist lock-down.

Will there be a Donald Trump oil boom? I don’t know how noticeable this addition to the market will be. Opening up oil and natural gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge may simply be a way to make sure that oil prices stay low. But thanks to voter resistance in 2010, 2014, and 2016, Trump was able to give us a victory for which Republicans have unsuccessfully struggled over the course of four decades!

Six months ago, Donald Trump’s intention to open the ANWR was revealed:

The President didn’t just talk; he executed his promise.

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The Hill reports, “Congress votes to open Alaska refuge to oil drilling.

Congress voted Wednesday to open Alaska’s remote Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and natural gas drilling, ending more than four decades of heated debate on the matter.

The House voted 224-201, mostly along party lines, to pass the Republicans’ tax overhaul bill, which has the ANWR drilling provision attached to it.

It followed the Senate’s 51-48 vote along party lines early Wednesday morning to pass the bill. The House had passed it earlier Tuesday as well, before the GOP had to make small changes to comply with rules allowing for a 51-vote passage in the Senate as a budget reconciliation measure.

No Democrats voted for the bill on Tuesday, and only 12 House Republicans voted against it.

Once President Trump signs the legislation, Alaska leaders, Republicans and the oil industry will have accomplished a goal at the top of their energy priorities.


Trump boasted Wednesday at a White House meeting with his Cabinet that ANWR drilling is passing under his presidency, after so many political leaders tried unsuccessfully.

“We’re going to start drilling in ANWR, one of the largest oil reserves in the world, that for 40 years this country was unable to touch. That by itself would be a massive bill,” Trump told reporters assembled at the meeting.

“They’ve been trying to get that, the Bushes, everybody. All the way back to Reagan, Reagan tried to get it. Bush tried to get it. Everybody tried to get it,” he said. “They couldn’t get it passed. That just happens to be here.”

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