MAGA – Mark Sanford Loses to Trump!

There is debate whether Donald Trump’s late tweet against Mark Sanford cost him the election.

Running for re-election in South Carolina, Mark Sanford, CNN Trump critic, lost to deplorable Katie Arrington.

There is debate whether Donald Trump’s late tweet against Mark Sanford cost him the election.

His tweet certainly offended the political class!

But I doubt it made much difference because anyone who would be moved by Donald Trump’s late tweet would have already been triggered by Sanford’s moral posturing for CNN.

Katie Arrington campaigned on Sanford’s love of the mainstream media and his lack of integrity:

Sanford himself, once he realized voters were rejecting him, said that they put “allegiance” to a person over allegiance to ideas. But that’s the point! Sanford showed no allegiance to his wife or all the people he lied to in an attempt to cover up the affair. Yet, he took credit in the media for being loyal to “ideas.” Of course, no one supporting Trump is going to be unwilling to overlook past moral failings. But Sanford continually showed the same pattern of behavior in his politics that he had in his private life, with the GOP voters as the wife and CNN as the mistress.

The New York Times reports, “In the Age of Trump, Mark Sanford’s Political Career Fades.

Mark Sanford smiled. He shook hands, posed for photographs and drove himself around his district on Election Day. He ordered a chocolate milkshake.

But all day, after all these years as a governor and a congressman, he seemed to know what might be coming: his first concession speech. So it came to be in a crowded restaurant here on Tuesday night, hours after he had been openly mocked by President Trump, then knocked aside by a rival who vowed a close alliance with the White House. Mr. Sanford, a politician first sent to Washington as an insurgent of one era, was toppled in a different moment by a different kind of renegade.

“We are to cower before the people who elected us, and I get their verdict tonight,” Mr. Sanford said, reading from scribbled notes on a legal pad, as it became clear he would lose his House race against Katie Arrington in South Carolina’s Republican primary.

Even for a politician accustomed to humiliations — his marital infidelity and ill-fated, infamous trip to the Appalachian Trail, which was actually Argentina, still proved ripe for jabs this campaign — Mr. Sanford’s political unraveling in South Carolina was a striking comedown that somehow seemed both impossible and inescapable.

“There’s a different feel to this race, based on something that I’ve never experienced before, which is at times being hit not on ideas that I’ve espoused or held, but based on allegiance,” Mr. Sanford said earlier in the day as he campaigned. “I’ve never experienced that before.”

“With some people,” he added, “the allegiance to ideas is secondary to their belief in the importance of their allegiance to a person.”


And that was before Mr. Trump’s late-afternoon tweet, posted from Air Force One less than three hours before the polls were to close here. Mr. Trump complained that Mr. Sanford was “nothing but trouble” and “very unhelpful” in advancing his administration’s agenda.

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