Madeleine Albright Goes Senile, Defends Hillary with “Nobody is Going to Die” from her Emails!

Madeleine Albright is not a foolish woman. She has a long and respected history on the political stage reaching the zenith of her political power under Bill Clinton, whom she served as Secretary of State. However, she is getting older and she may be losing control of her most important asset… her mind. Why might one get the impression that Albright’s lost a step or two in the intellect department? Well, her latest argument in defense of Hillary Clinton leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day Albright told host Chris Cuomo that Clinton’s crimes hadn’t killed anyone but Donald Trump’s words might. (I kid you not.)

“She has said she made a mistake, and nobody is going to die as a result of anything that happened on emails…

I am concerned about some of the statements that Donald Trump has made that are dangerous. On the issue of Russia, the fact that Donald Trump admires Putin is one of the reasons that I can’t agree with a word he says because the reset takes two to reset.”

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First of all, there is simply no way that Albright can be sure that Hillary’s email crimes didn’t cost lives. Over the course of several years Hillary’s unguarded emails were likely read by countless of our enemies (like China and Russia). In fact, some of the sensitive emails that were left unguarded had to do with the safety and security of the consulate in Benghazi. While we have no evidence that Al Qaeda accessed her emails and used the information therein to attack the consulate (leading to the deaths of four Americans), we know that if they did access her emails, the information they contained would have helped them in their attack.

Secondly, the disgusting comparison (and equivocation) of Hillary Clinton’s crimes with Donald Trump’s rhetoric is completely ridiculous. Imagine the complete delusion that Albright must be operating under to actually argue that one person’s crimes are not as bad as another’s thoughts! It boggles the mind.

One last tidbit from this interview (and more evidence of Albright’s failing mind) comes when she decides to lay blame for the Obama/Clinton foreign policy at the feet of Vladimir Putin. Specifically, she was discussing the Russian “Reset” from the early Obama years, and she argued that the policy failed because Putin “is the one that has made very aggressive moves against Ukraine and pushed Europe around, which is why we need a strong NATO.” Um. Let me use words that Albright’s addled mind might understand… DUH.

This was the whole problem with the Russian Reset (and Obama’s policy shifts in Iran, North Korea, and Cuba as well) from the very beginning! We conservatives were always dubious of the Russian Reset, not because we don’t want kinder, gentler and more understanding relations with the rest of the world, but because the people that the Obama administration is dealing with are overly aggressive and have much larger (and more dangerous) ideas for the world!

We weren’t against the “Reset” because we hate peace. We were against the “Reset” because we didn’t trust Putin and now he has used the Obama era to consolidate his strength, expand his influence, and wreak havoc in both Europe and Asia!

For Albright to blame Putin for being Putin and exposing the Obama/Clinton foreign policy as weak-kneed claptrap is completely disingenuous. And wrong.

In fact, just about everything Albright utters in this interview is wrong. Which seems about right for someone who supports Hillary Clinton.

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