MA Professor Bashes Trump Supporters: ‘They All Belong in the KKK’

Apparently Professor Garrett Avila-Nichols forgot what class was, or he never really knew what it was to begin with.

Liberals preach tolerance, unless you don’t agree with what they have to say. Then they become extremely intolerant. For example Professor Avila-Nichols at Bridgewater State University posted an explicit rant about Trump supporters saying that they all belong to the KKK, and that they are the reason students are afraid they will be killed.

He even says, “F*ck any” students who voted for Trump. Wow. I bet they are just lining up to get into his class.

It’s funny to me that he thinks all Trump supporters are white supremacists that belong in the KKK because…well…I myself know MANY supporters of our president who range from one end of the race spectrum, to the other.

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Here are some of his posts, *Note: Strong language*: 

In another post he wrote: “When my students break down crying because they were worried that the way they dressed that morning might end up getting them killed, then you can take your well-meaning concern trolling and shove it up your a**.”

He also colorfully added, “F*** Donald Trump. F*** anyone who voted for Donald Trump. F*** ANYONE who tries to explain to me the “real” needs of people who voted for donald trump.”

The professor continued, “F*** anyone who tells me this is a “class issue” when working class people of color, working class queers, and working class immigrants weren’t dazzled by trump’s “tell it like it is” rhetorical hand jobs. F*** anyone who tries to pretend that this was not white supremacy, misogyny, anti-semitism, transmisogyny, and heterosexism voting with their p****-grabbing fingers.”

Before he finally concluded, “F*** anyone who comes at me saying i’m being disrespectful right now. F*** anyone who tries to sell me some line about “coming together.” We are together over here. And you are no longer welcome.”

This guy is in charge of teaching humanists and social sciences at the university.

If he is this comfortable on Facebook, how do you think he is in the classroom? Do you think he treats any of his Trump-supporting students fairly?

Here’s his email, why don’t you tell him how you feel: [email protected]


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