In Louisiana Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Gets Desperate and Conservative

Down in the Bayou State, Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu is getting desperate.

Her upcoming runoff against Republican Bill Cassidy on December 6th has her campaign very worried as most of the polling shows Cassidy with a strong lead. It’s not just the Landrieu campaign that’s worried though, national Democrats seem set on losing this Senate seat as they’ve donated virtually nothing to the Landrieu campaign during this runoff.


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Landrieu seems to have decided that difficult times call for difficult choices… and those choices mean that she is veering to the right on policy! All of a sudden Democrat Mary Landrieu is looking more and more like a Republican!

For example – after years of battling to build the Keystone XL pipeline and being blocked by Democrats at every turn, Republicans now have Democrat support (led by Landrieu) to build the pipeline! But it’s all for show

“We can pass the Keystone pipeline and answer the frustrations of the American people,” Landrieu said. “So they could rest next and say, oh my gosh the senators of the United States of America have ears and they have brains and they have hearts and they heard what we said and we can do this.” 

But the timing immediately raised Republican suspicions. 

Cassidy noted that the House has passed pro-Keystone legislation eight times, and “the Senate did not consider any of the eight.” After Landrieu called for a vote, Cassidy and GOP leaders in the House said they would vote Thursday on a Cassidy-authored Keystone bill. 

You read that right – this will be the ninth time the House has voted to build the Pipeline… but just the FIRST time the Senate will vote on whether or not to build.


Landrieu’s Republican opponent says he agrees with Landrieu 100% on Keystone XL, but he wonders where she’s been for the past few years while he and the House have been trying to get Keystone built?


I hope that Louisiana voters see through this Democrat mess and realize that Landrieu will literally do and say anything to keep her job. She has been a loyal liberal Democrat over her almost 20 years in office and she hasn’t changed as Louisiana has gotten more conservative… she’s simply adjusted for a difficult election. If she wins, she’ll go right back to being a party line liberal the day after the election.

Don’t fall for it, Louisiana. Vote for Bill Cassidy on December 6th.

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