Louisiana Governor Makes This Surprising Statement About Trump’s Visit [VIDEO]

Following severe flooding that devastated Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and left 13 people dead, President Obama made headlines by not cutting his Martha’s Vineyard vacation short to go and visit the affected area and meet with residents and leaders.

Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence also made headlines by actually flying to Baton Rouge, meeting with local leaders, victims, first responders, and relief groups, even making a $100,000 donation to Greenwell Springs Baptist Church.

(At that church, Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins is interim pastor. So, expect the media to have a heyday with that one over the next couple days. The FRC has been labeled as a “hate group” by liberals for their stance on homosexual marriage. In fact, their headquarters were stormed by a guy named Floyd Lee Corkins, who planned on killing as many people as he could, because the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the FRC an “anti-gay” “hate group.”)

At any rate, in response to the Trump campaign making their way to the flood-ravaged area, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards was reported to have said that while he welcomed them to his state, he didn’t want to have anything to do with their visit, which he viewed as nothing but a photo-op.

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Now, the Governor is saying that that was a mischaracterization of what he said. “I didn’t dismiss his trip as a photo-op,” he told CNN host Dana Bash. “Before he came down, I said that we welcome him here, and we want him to be helpful, and we hope that it doesn’t turn into a mere photo-op. So, you’ve got the story backwards.”

When he was asked whether or not Trump’s visit was helpful, Governor Edwards said that it was indeed helpful “because it helped to shine a spotlight on Louisiana and on the dire situation that we have here.” He added:  “And I’ll tell you that I also appreciated the good phone call, the conversation that I had with Governor Pence, who was sincere and genuine when he called, and we spoke for a long time on Friday morning about their desire to be helpful.”

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