Lou Dobbs Unloads on ‘Deep State’ and Calls for ‘Draining the Swamp’ [VIDEO]

Lou Dobbs spoke out strongly against the “Deep State” on Friday and argued that the “swamp” of the federal judiciary had to be drained because they posted a peculiar threat to the Trump administration.

Dobbs reported on judges Derrick Watson and Theodore Chuang’s decisions to stop President Trump’s Immigration Order and travel “ban,” explaining that these decisions were unprecedented in their attack on the way our government is supposed to work. Watson and Chuang both made their decisions, in part, based on what President Trump has said… and not because of what was actually written in the order.

“A few thoughts now on ‘the deep state’ and its obvious and dangerous commitment to obstruct and subvert the Trump Presidency. The deep state typically defined as a government within a government, most often members of the  bureaucracy, especially the intelligence community, all branches of government. And now it’s clear there exists an urgent need to drain the deep, deep judicial swamp in this country. Two federal court judges have now ruled against President Trump’s revised travel ban executive order. A federal judge in Hawaii, appointed by former ‘president’ Obama and one of his classmates at Harvard Law to boot, issued the stay against the President’s executive order yesterday. President Trump blasted the flawed legal reasoning last night in his rally in Nashville.”

Dobbs then cut away to video of the President speaking at a rally in Nashville and explaining to the crowd that these court opinions are nothing but politics. The judges have become as political as our politicians. Dobbs the continued:

“It certainly makes the federal judge, Derrick Watson, the classmate of ‘mr’ Obama’s at Harvard Law, appointed by ‘mr’ Obama in 2012 look very weak and overtly political. Maryland judge Theodore Chuang, also nominated by ‘president’ Obama in 2013. And in an interesting coincidence, Mr. Obama paid a surprise visit to Honolulu, where judge Watson resides, Monday, preceding the ruling. Just coincidence, I assure you, I think. Or at least a little tweak by Mr. Obama not lost on any one of us who were taking some notice of where he was on the day his old classmate made a ruling in his favor.

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Both of these left-wing activist judges went rogue. Let me repeat this, they went rogue. They ignored the law, they ignored the Constitution, they ignored the will of the people, they ignored the President of the United States. It’s a Constitution, by the way, that gives the President the power to suspend immigration. It is a law and it is 212(f) of the US Code. Maryland judge Chuang might want to write that down somewhere. He pointed to Mr. Trump’s ‘history’ of public statements, not the order itself. Judge Watson cited the President’s ‘contemporaneous public statements’ instead of relying upon the language of the Trump executive order. Both judges relied upon statements of candidate Trump. They completely ignored the President’s stated authority within the order as well as the law and the Constitution.

And now, the Trump administration could appeal the Hawaii ruling before the notoriously left-wing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. That’s the same court that ruled the first vetting order to ‘not hold up’ as they put it.”

Dobbs then says that perhaps this time the liberal judges had gone too far as some of their colleagues have finally come out and spoken against their activism. Finally, Dobbs concluded by calling on the nation to drain the swamp that is the federal judiciary.

“These disastrously arrogant courts and simply rogue judges, who put themselves and their ideology ahead of elected legislatures and yes, presidents, must be rolled back. And the swamp that is our federal judiciary must be drained.”

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