Loretta Lynch Calls James Comey a Liar

The realization coming from Comey’s testimony, was that Lynch obviously wanted to cover for her friend, and Democrat presidential hopeful, by making it seem that the FBI investigation wasn’t as serious as it was.

If you can remember back about a year ago, around the time that James Comey was fired from his job as Director of the FBI, he told Congress that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch instructed him to call the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crimes a “matter” as opposed to an “investigation.”

Here’s what Comey said:

Well, it concerned me, because we were at the point where we refused to confirm the existence of an investigation –as we usually do– for months,. And it was getting to a place where that looked silly, because the campaigns were talking about interacting with the FBI in the course of our work. 

The Clinton campaign at the time was using all kinds of euphemisms, ‘security review,’ ‘matter.’ Things like that. 

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For what was going on. We were getting to a place where the Attorney General and I were going to have to testify and talk publicly about it, and I wanted to know if she would authorize us to confirm we had an investigation. And she said yes, but don’t call it that, call it a ‘Matter.’ And I said why would I do that? And [Lynch] said just call it a ‘Matter.’

And again, you look back in hindsight, should I have resisted more? I just said this wasn’t a hill worth dying on, so I said, okay, the press is going to completely ignore it, and that is what happened. When I said we opened a matter, they all reported the FBI had an investigation open. And that concerned me because the language tracked the way the campaign was talking about the FBI’s work, and that is concerning… It gave the impression that the Attorney General was looking to align the way we talked about our work with the way a political campaign was describing the same activity, which was inaccurate. We had a criminal investigation open… And so that gave me a queasy feeling.

The realization coming from Comey’s testimony, was that Lynch obviously wanted to cover for her friend, and Democrat presidential hopeful, by making it seem that the FBI investigation wasn’t as serious as it was.

Fast forward one year and Lynch is finally speaking out about her directive to Comey. She just told NBC’s Lester Holt that contrary to Comey’s recollections, he never raised any concerns about the issue with her.

Lester Holt: James Comey was testifying before Congress in June of last year and he had noted that you had asked him to call the Clinton probe a ‘matter,’ not an investigation. But he said it made him feel — I’m paraphrasing — it made him feel strange. He noted it. What did you mean when you said, ‘Let’s call it a matter and not an investigation?’

Loretta Lynch: Well, I had heard about that testimony. I didn’t watch it at the time. But it was brought to my attention later and people were raising it to me and my first response was where — what was the issue here? I remember specifically talking to him, as we talked about sensitive things on a number of occasions. We often would have to discuss sensitive matters, sensitive issues, terrorism and the like, you know, terrorism policy and the like.

This was a very sensitive investigation as everyone knew. And the issue when he and I sat down at that time, which I think was early in the fall of 2015, was whether or not we were ready as a Department to confirm an investigation going on, when we typically do not confirm or deny investigations into anything with rare exceptions.

Lester Holt: But Comey says you wanted to call it the ‘Clinton matter,’ he wants to call it the Clinton investigation. To the extent though that he noted it, that it bothered him, did he go to you and question your credibility with regard to the Clinton case?

Loretta Lynch: I can tell you though that it was a meeting like any other that we had, where we talked about the issues. We had a full and open discussion about it.

Lester Holt: He didn’t raise any concerns about it?

Loretta Lynch: Concerns were not raised.

Oddly enough, the Clinton “matter/investigation” juxtaposed with the ongoing Russia/Trump investigation, is the perfect example of how the political system and the media treat the Clinton family (and Democrats in general) differently than they treat everyone else.

The Clinton investigation is one of the greatest miscarriages of justice our nation has seen in recent years, and it continues to be a stain on the reputation of the Justice Department.

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