Looks Like Reuters is Going to Have to “Adjust” Their Polling Again

Even with Reuters’ new poll methodology – which seems to have been done to yield a higher percentage for Hillary Clinton – the Democratic nominee no longer has a sizable lead over her opponent. Instead, the two are virtually tied. From Breitbart:

Donald Trump closed a 12-point polling gap with Hillary Clinton in five days, leaving them half a percent apart during the next two-day period, according to new polling data from Reuters.

On August 22, Clinton led Trump by 12 points, 44.8 percent to 32.8 percent. By Aug. 27, the two candidates were neck and neck, according to Reuters.

By Aug. 29, Trump had nudged up again to 39.1 percent, while she was at 39.7 percent. He gained 6.7 points, while she lost 5.1 points during the entire seven-day period.

reuters polling

Last month, Reuters came under fire for changing their methodology by rephrasing their questions and removing the “neither” option. Their “adjustment” came right as Donald Trump was ahead of Hillary Clinton one percentage point immediately following the Republican National Convention.

When they removed the “neither” option – but left the “other” option – all of a sudden, respondents swung to Hillary’s side. In three days, Donald Trump went from a one-point lead in the Reuters polling to a 6-point loss.

If Trump catches up to Hillary and starts taking the lead again, Reuters might have to readjust their methodology in order to yield the desired result.

As many have pointed out, the only poll that truly counts is the one on November 8. That’s true, but unfortunately, so many voters cast their ballot based on presidential polls like this. If the polls are actually being skewed in Hillary’s favor without people knowing, those same voters might think that Trump “doesn’t have a chance” and decide to stay home.

People should make their decision and stick with it, regardless of what the media says. And polls should be taken with a grain of salt.

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