Longtime Hollywood Actor Calls Hillary Clinton a “Bitter Old Grandmother”!

A couple of months ago veteran Hollywood actor, Clint Howard (the younger brother of Ron Howard), decided to endorse Senator Ted Cruz as President.

“When candidates began declaring their intentions to run for President, I started doing research and quickly landed on Ted Cruz. I discovered a guy who has deep conviction for a set of principles and ideas I believe in,” Clint said. “I like Mr. Cruz because he has courage to fight and take the flak from people who want to undermine those ideas. He’s not only unafraid, he’s anxious to engage these people in a dialogue that puts truth and common sense into the conversation. And then, there’s old fashion ‘leadership’. As the campaign heats up, it’s clear to me that Ted Cruz has what it takes to give our great nation the leadership she deserves.”

Cruz was happy to have Clint’s support:

“Clint Howard is an excellent actor and a true patriot,” Cruz said. “It is encouraging to see members of Hollywood stand up for principle. Our country is in desperate need of leaders who will guide us toward what is moral and right and Clint is one of those leaders. He understands where our country is headed and what needs to be done and I truly appreciate his support.”

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This past week Jen Yamato at the Daily Beast caught up with Howard to talk about his current projects, his support of Ted Cruz, and his political conversations with his liberal brother Ron Howard.

Why is Howard supporting Cruz:

“There are a couple of fundamental points about the Constitution and liberty, both what it means to have it and what it means to live with it. He has those values that I appreciate. I would like to see the country turn towards a conservative direction, under conservative leadership. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Ted stands for, but I think that’s the direction.

I went to the Iowa caucuses. I went more as a boost for the campaign. The volunteers all wanted selfies. I went and did the phones for a few minutes, and I actually got a guy on the phone – which, if you’ve done phone work, which I have with no cameras around, it’s answering machine after answering machine. Finally when you get a guy on the phone – and he said he was a Ted Cruz supporter – it was like catching a foul ball in the stands!”

On Hillary Clinton:

“When they look at her I believe what they’re going to see is a photograph of a bitter old grandma. Eight years ago I don’t believe that would have been the narrative. But I don’t think she can help it. I don’t think she can put on enough makeup to change people’s perception of her.

Eight years ago she was the presumed Democratic nominee, and a fellow came along and, as they say in baseball, he boat-raced her. She was winning! And all of a sudden she got left in his wake. She’s only gotten older, and the sadness of looks being a part of it… I’m not sure America’s going to elect a bitter old grandmother.”

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