Lingerie Company Attacked for ‘Sexy Indian Woman’ Costumes

Lingerie company Yandy has come under fire for its several s of “sexy” Indian women costumes.

With Halloween near, it seems only liberals are frightened by costumes, these days, as lingerie company Yandy has come under fire for its several lines of “sexy” Indian women costumes.

Liberals recently forced the company to pull its “sexy handmaid’s” costume saying that it was offensive and now they are targeting the company’s Native American costumes, Fox News reports.

The sexy handmaid flap is somewhat understandable. The company took slings and arrows for turning the costume traditionally associated with the dystopian, feminist book, “A Handmaid’s Tale,” and turned it “sexy” by adding a short-short skit to the red gown for a woman’s legs to be seen.

OK, with that one, the complainers sort of have a point. After all the women wearing that garb in the book were the subjects of sexual enslavement. So, to turn something that should be seen as an article of oppression into a “sexy romp” is at the very least evidence that Yandy completely missed the point of the book!

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On the other hand, the “missed the point” complaint might be leveled against Yandy’s “sexy nun” costumes, too. But, well, you know.

Anyway, after complaints flooded their offices, Yandy dumped its sexy handmaid costume.

But now comes the leftists for another dip into the company’s profits by complaining about Yandy’s “sexy Indian woman” costumes. More slings and, er, arrows were loosed at the company this week.

And the attacks have been coming for some time, apparently. Per Fox:

Last October, a group of Native American women gathered at the office in Arizona to protest the “sexualization of indigenous people.”

Amanda Blackhorse, who organized the protest, made signs calling for an end to cultural costumes.

“We oppose how you use us as costumes and profit off of that … We are people, not costumes,” she said, Phoenix New Times reported.

Thus far, the company has not yet responded to any of the attacks on its sexy Indian costumes.

But it does make one wonder… why can’t Native American women be sexy?

Finally, one wonders if the liberal fascists attacking the Yandy company for its sexy Indian costumes will also attack pop singer Cher for her habit of dressing like a sexy Indian?

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