Lindsey Graham Unloads On White House Press Corps… Twitter EXPLODES!

On Wednesday Graham fired back and accused the MSM of being allied with the Democratic Party after a press conference with President Trump…

“It’s apparent to me the White House press corps lives in a bubble and the way they are conducting themselves today will do NOTHING to improve their standing with the American people.”

“The mainstream press are not — in my opinion – ‘Enemies of the People’ but rather ‘Allies of the Democratic Party’ playing an activist role in support of their agenda.”

Daily Caller:

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham accused the media of being allied with the Democratic Party after a tense press conference with President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Trump got into spats with several reporters during the post-midterm presser — most notably CNN’s Jim Acosta — and ignited a debate about whether or not the press corps is acting appropriately at White House events. Several reporters interrupted the president and their fellow reporters, becoming especially combative in exchanges with the president.

Graham fired off a series of tweets arguing that the behavior of the press diminishes their trust in the eyes of the American people. More

The conservatives are all behind President Trump, We’re not falling for the Left’s fear tactics anyway.


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