Lindsey Graham Finally Gets One Right: The Ayatollah in Iran is a “Religious Nazi”

Republican presidential hopeful Lindsey Graham warned that Israel could face a second holocaust if Iran gains access to a nuclear weapon, which he feels is a strong possibility due to the Iran nuclear agreement.

During an interview with WABC Sunday, the South Carolina senator said even if Iran doesn’t violate the terms of the deal, the influx of money from the lifted sanctions will be the “nightmare of all nightmares for Israel,” adding he believes the Ayatollah in Iran is “a religious Nazi.”

Graham criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the region, saying Iran has the capability of destroying America’s greatest ally in the Middle East.

“President Obama has shown a level of incompetency about Iran and Syria and the region that’s scary. John Kerry, our secretary of state, is delusional when it comes to understanding the Ayatollah and Russia and Assad,” he said.

Graham, an outspoken opponent of the president’s landmark foreign policy agreement, said he fears the country would not hesitate to use a weapon of mass destruction.

“This really is a game changer in all the worst ways and when they say, ‘never again’ in Israel, they mean no second Holocaust,” he said.

Iran’s economy will receive around $150 billion after the sanctions are lifted over the course of the next decade in exchange for a delay in its nuclear program — an agreement many lawmakers don’t trust the country to abide by, and fear the increase in funds will be used toward acts of terrorism.


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