Linda Tripp: “I Did the Right Thing and I Would Do It Again.”

Linda Tripp says that liberal journalists can “act like human beings” because “the Clintons are dead in the water.”

Linda Tripp became infamous in the ninetes for reporting what was going on between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. She was treated as an evil Clinton-hater exposing people’s private business to the public. Tripp, being ethical, didn’t see it that way. Instead she saw a powerful man abusing his office to get pleasured by an underling.

Understandably, Linda Tripp is not impressed by recent media criticism of the Clintons.

The Weekly Standard reports, “Linda Tripp: ‘It’s a Day Late, and It’s a Dollar Short.’

As the reckoning over sexual abuse finally reaches Bill Clinton, with handwringing by some of his former defenders in the press and in politics, one Clinton White House veteran is following developments with particular interest—and a large measure of skepticism.

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“It’s a day late, and it’s a dollar short,” says Linda Tripp, who, 20 years ago, was thrust into the center of the sex scandal that led to Clinton’s impeachment. It was Tripp who revealed the president’s sexual relationship with a 21-year-old White House intern and, for her troubles, was painted as the villain of the sordid episode.

Tripp has a quiet life in Northern Virginia horse country, avoiding the public attention that was so unwelcome in the late 1990s. But the unending flow of headlines about the bad behavior of powerful men, she says, “is forcing me to relive a lot of it.” She’s unconvinced by recent calls in the press for Clinton’s deeds to be reconsidered in a more critical light. “They have nothing to lose, and this is now permissible,” she says. “The fact that the Clintons are dead in the water gives [the media] tacit approval to act like human beings. . . . It’s disingenuous.”


Tripp says she doesn’t expect that the current rush to reconsider Clinton’s behavior will extend to her and her motives. “I’ll still be the evil witch,” she says. “You know, you can’t unring that bell.”

But she says that she is wholly comfortable with the role she played in the Lewinsky matter. And she repeated what she told her daughter-in-law: “I said I did the right thing. I may have done the right thing the wrong way, but I did the right thing. And I would do it again.”

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